Frequently asked questions

question  : Why opencu ?

answer: Beside of the pedgagocical aspects of room conferencing , multiple party videoconferencing in commbination with multicast would be the most efficent and smartest way to transmit media streams from one patizipant to another without multiplying the payload.

question : Whats special about the software ?

answer: Back in the 90th when universitys where connected to the "Mbone" using VIC /NV and RAT whitch only supported by Linux , a few clever macintosh guys thought about a solution to join the Mbone whithout the ability to have a multicast enabled operating system, like OS-7 was , these days, so they invented the "reflector", a little peace of software , whitch reflects all incomming multimedia streams back to the connected partizipants. These reflectors could be "peered " with others and could transform multicast to unicast and vice versa. The problem with the old tools VIC /NV is, that they need a lot of payload for the "preview "streams allready , cuseeme don´t need to send any packets till the video is requested!!.

question  : Why we need another videoconferencing software ?

answer: All multi_video_conferencing / chat plattforms like, webex, dimdim, paltalk, jmeeting, ivisit, camfrog are subscribtion based and not opensource , we would like to have an opensource alternative. Furthermore are MCU based systems too expensive to be an alternative for anyone. So openCU should fill these gap 

question  : When will be a final release ?

answer: Most of all basic implementations is done from one person, the situation changed in the past weeks and we needto find people that are able to help with coding and documentation.

question  : But most people use skype why should i use this software . ?

answer: Iptelephonie and skype is mostly used for one 2 one communication, you can have a conferencewith 3 or 5 people but ONE should be the host , so when he disapaers all other connections are lost anyway. Our concept will use each client as a possyble "node" or virtual room for meetings in the future.

question : Are there any patent infridgements involved ?

answer : Some people believe so, i dont !! , because all knowledge was public available at that time. See Tim Dorcheys notes and remarks and RTP specs and check the dates !!

question  : What about privacy and userdata ?

answer: there is no registration necessary like everywhere else. the user data and profile information is stored on the local machine of the users and will not be transmited to any other site or server.

question  : Do i need to open ports on my router or desktopmachine ?

answer: Right now we transmit all traffic over port 7648. In the future we plan to use  NAT-PMP in combination with wide area bonjour. Till this features are enabled you need to open port 7648.

question  : What will be the next steps ?

answer: When we started in october 2008 , we need to use WxWidgets for two reasons , first our main developer had experience with it second the old Qt licencing scheme did not fullfill our needs and we could not afford the price.Thats about the GUI.

Same happens maybe with the codecs we use, the opensource codecs we use in openCU  have not the effiency like commercial products. A few weeks before Google aquired ON2 and the rumor goes around that they might open VP8. this would increase the effience of openCU.

question : Will you ever make music again marc ?

answer : Yes, but first i need to build our stage :)


Stay tuned!!